I find that a lot of Dental websites are not personal enough. I don’t mean personal to the patient I mean personal about you and your team. Yes essentially patients are booking to come to the practice but they are investing their time and money in you and your team. Having someone’s fingers in your mouth is quite a personal thing.  Have your website really let the potential new patient feel they know you a little better. Where you studied and what you specialise in. What treatment you enjoy doing the most. Introduce them to who does what in your practice  and let them put faces to names, so when they arrive at the practice it feels familiar.  Make their experience on your website warming, it will make people feel more comfortable. It could be this little change that makes a patient choose you over some other nearby practice.  It may seem obvious to some but you would be surprised how many websites are not personal. It all relates psychology. Making someone feel comfortable, familiar and welcome indices them to pick up the phone without any worries. Especially if they know who is going to be answering it.  If you are going to make a change to your website this month or next.  Make it a little more personal. What practice would you choose the one with the personal touch or the one without.

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Daniel Hunter –

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