Sugar- How Much is in My Food.

Sugar, love it or hate it; its added to everything. It seems to be that unless sugar is in it, the majority don’t eat it. But are we actually aware how much of the stuff is actually inside the what we eat? Recently I’ve decided to tweak my diet for the better and what I’ve learned is sugar is added to pretty much everything unless you make it yourself. Its not just the treats either.

We all know that sugar is not good for our teeth, but there is new research that suggest not only is sugar addictive and triggers the same areas of the brain as cocaine it can also be linked to serious diseases. Im not going to delve into that here but I will provide you some links for further reading.

Sugar and the effects on the brain

Sugar and heart disease 

To illustrate  the amount of sugar in some things I’ve put the equivalent sugar weight into a regular latte glass so it gives you a visual indication in pure sugar what exactly you are consuming. I have to say the most shocking for me was the sugar content in jelly babies. I know these things are sweets and clearly will contain high amounts of sugar but as a number on a packet I don’t think we really grasp exactly how much! Have a look, feel free to use and share the pictures.

Sugar in Pepsi

In 330ml of Pepsi Cola there is 36g of sugar

Sugar in Red Bull

In 355ml of redbull you get a lovely 39g of sugar.

Sugar in Weetabix on the go

that healthy breakfast to go will give you a 20g sugar hit

Lucozade Orange

feeling tired hit yourself with 65g of sugar with lucozade


the above has a very modest 6g of sugar but is packed with evil sweeter.

Smarties Easter Egg

Now what surprised me about this is there is a pretty hefty amount of sugar in this, for it being a small egg and probably only a few smarties, the sugar content here is hefty 80G! yep a whole 80G. Wow.


In this 500ml drink there is 20.5g of sugar

Maynards Bassetts Jelly babies / Bunnies (same content)

Now these were one of the most shocking that I did, in just four jelly babies there is a whopping 20g of sugar. In just 4! The whole bag is really quite frightening its has a massive 125g  thats only around 25 sweets and I know I could polish it off quite easy.

 Heinz Hoops

The Can has 15.8g of sugar.


Mint Aero

22.2g the bar only weighs 36g

Nestle Smarties

The 38g tube of smarties packs 23.9g of sugar!

Cadburys Mini Eggs

90g bag has 61.6g of the white stuff

Branston Baked Beans


23.4g of sweetness

Sharwoods Kung Po

A shocking 84.5g

Sharwoods Chinese Curry

Dolmio White Sauce

white sauce gives you 17.5g

Heinz Tomato Soup



Homepride Tuna Pasta

the sugar here is 23.5

A few items for lunch

Think how much sugar lunch for some could tussle up!


Personally I try not to consume much sugar, if any at all of the added stuff.
We obviously need sugar but my advice is to stick to the naturally occurring stuff, I also stay clear of that sweetener stuff too.